schermata-2016-11-25-alle-15-32-04Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World. 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology.
22 – 26 May 2018, Cologne/Bonn, Germany

In cooperation with the International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC) the Archaeological Institutes of the universities in the neighbouring cities Cologne and Bonn would like to invite you to the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology. Economy is one of the main considerations in analysing the manifold material culture of the Classical World. The aim of the congress is to present and discuss new and old evidence, interpretations, theories and methods using an economic approach which has become more and more common amongst archaeologists in the last years.

Panels can be proposed for each of the following sessions:

  • The human factor: Demography, nutrition, health, epidemics
  • The impact of natural environmental factors on ancient economy: Climate, landscape
  • Systems of production: Land use, industry, technology, artistic production
  • System of extraction: Mining, pollution, technology
  • Distribution: Trade and exchange, monetarization, credit, networks, transport, infrastructure (e.g. ports)
  • Consumption: Daily and luxury consumption, conspicuous consumption, waste, recycling, diet
  • Economy of cult: Investment, religious and ritual consumption, economics of death
  • The role of the city in the ancient economy: Urban infrastructure, relations between town and country
  • The military economy at war and peace
  • Economy of knowledge: Education, innovation, literacy
  • Methodology: Survey archaeology, natural sciences, quantification
  • Other topics outside the main theme of the conference are open to suggestion

The contributions and discussions may come from all research areas and may be based on different material evidence: from excavations, survey archaeology, and all kinds of visual and artistic culture – architecture, sculpture, ceramics and others classes of material.

More information on the congress is provided on our website: Please send us your panel proposal via the application document on the website, where the terms of organising a panel are also presented.

Call for Panels closes: 15 March 2017
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

How to organize a panel
The session meetings will be organized in panels of two hours each. Each panel comprises a maximum of 5 papers (20 min) and a discussion (20 min). It is also possible to propose a double-panel of four hours. All panels must correspond to one of the 12 session topics above mentioned. Panel organizers are asked to submit a short proposal in English (2500 characters including spaces) which must be also suitable as an abstract for the programme. Panel organizers can make proposals for possible speakers and paper titles in advance. Furthermore, a particular discussant can be proposed. Each panel will be published under the name of the panel organizers.

The scientific committee will decide on the acceptance of each panel proposal. Afterwards there will be a call for papers for the different panels. The decision on the papers will be made jointly between the committee and the panel organizer.

For submitting a panel please use our web form: The following information will be requested:

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Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World

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