Excavation site name: Montaccianico

Place: Le Isole, comune di Scarperia e San Piero, Italia

Chronology of the site: Middle Age

Scientific Direction: Guido Vannini e Elisa Pruno ( Department of History, Archaeology, Geography and Fine Arts – SAGAS, Florence University)

Archaeological Season: 10th July-4th August

Shifts: At least 2 weeks

Room and Board: provided

Vaccinations and Medical certificate: Certificate of Good Health is mandatory

Site safety Course: It is mandatory, certificates from home universities are accepted.

Insurence: personal insurance is required. Students can ask their home universities if they are already covered by the university’s internship insurance.

Language: Italian is the main language, but there is also the possibility of communications in English and French.

Application: application by email with CV

Info: elisa.pruno@unifi.it

 Social: facebook @ProgettoMontaccianico

Bibliography: Tra Montaccianico e Firenze: gli Ubaldini e la città, 2015, E. Pruno, A. Monti (a cura di), ArcheoPress London

Montaccianico Project

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