Survey area: Via Traiana

Place: Comune di Troia (Lecce, Italia)

Chronology of the survey: emperor Traian reign

Scientific direction: Prof. Giuseppe Ceraudo (LabTAF – Laboratory of “Topografia Antica e Fotogrammetria”, University of Salento) and Dott. Veronica Ferrari (Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Salento)

Survey season: From the 11th of September to the 7th of October

1° Shit: From the 11th to the 23rd of September
2° Shift: From the 25th to the 7th of October

Room and Board: free

Requirement: Not specified

Application and Info: To apply send an email with short CV and contacts to 

Deadline by the 16th of July 2017

Social: Facebook @progettoviatraianaTwitter @ViaTraiana, Instagram @progettoviatraiana

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Via Traiana Project (Survey)

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