was created by a group of Pisa University students, who had the idea of designing a tool to supply easy access to information about academic pathways in archaeology and free digs organized by Italian and foreign universities.

In 2015, we started the Facebook group “Digs in Progress“; this group is a showcase to promote free or very cheap academic digs open to Italian and foreign students.

The necessity to create this page was due to the increase of applications for free digs that, even now, single universities are not able to accommodate.

Currently, 3000 university students have subscribed the facebook group. is a spin-off of Digs in Progress and its aim is to connect present and prospective archaeologists from all over the world in order to share information, experiences, problems and news regarding the academic system, educational digs, and events related to the history of art and archaeology of all periods and places.

Since we live in the digital era, we want to focus also on new technologies, social media and new ways to promote and use the cultural and archaeological heritage.

In particular, is organized as a guide and a starting point for students of Archeology of all nationalities who wants to partake in an archaeological experience in Italy or who want to study in this country. is divided into different categories:

  • The academic system: In this section, we have created a complete list of Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Cultural Heritage and Master’s Degrees Courses in Archaeology. In addition, there is also information about the Specialist Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Researches, and Specialisation schools in Archaeology.
  • Digs in progress: This section lists educational digs organized by universities or other Italian institutions and is divided into specific periods (from prehistory to the middle age) with specific information for some particular contests such as funeral excavations. Moreover, in this category, digs organized outside Italy are listed, which have the specific feature of having minimal costs for students.
  • Events: This category is focused on news about exhibitions, seminars, conferences and workshops related to the theme of past, present and future archeology.


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