Born in Pontedera on 6/12/1985, I graduated from the University of Pisa.

My main interest is in prehistoric lithic industries from the Early Paleolithic to the Neolithic period. The aspects that I am focusing on are the supply of raw materials and the construction of operative chains.

I believe that “good scientific research” has to go through the sharing of knowledge with others and the awareness that each study can represent only one of the possible interpretations. Although every single one of us has always tried to defend the results of our own work, it is necessary to preserve a humble approach. Discussing your own certainty, through the judgment of others, is the only way for a scholar to grow. 

I firmly believe that full comprehension of archaeological context cannot exclude a deep knowledge of the territory and of its development through time.

In my case this is done through long walks…

The excavation represents, for me, an essential phase of an archaeologist’s job. Going through the stratigraphy, analyzing the ground, reconstructing the sedimental process that has created the different strata, locating the succession, relating the stratigraphy with the materials, is for me as exciting as reading a mystery crime book. Each excavation is a new book: new characters and new stories that are waiting to be told.

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