Born in Venice in 1991, I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Venice in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management.

During my Bachelor degree, I won an Erasmus scholarship that allowed me to study for 6 months at Warwick University. Thanks to this experience, I have learned the importance of knowing other academic environments rather than being biased towards my home institution. For this reason, I decided to complete my Master’s degree in Archaeology at the University of Pisa.

Since October 2016, I have started a MA degree in History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia with Intensive Language Program Korean Pathway at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and I am currently the holder of the SOAS AKS postgraduate bursary.

During my studies in Italy, I had the opportunity to partake in numerous excavations not only organized by my university but also by other universities across Italy. Due to this, I could see in first person the different approaches that the various archaeologist teams have on the digging process. 

Currently, I have decided to focus on the archaeology of East Asia. This has proved to me that the lack of communication amongst scholars of the art history and archaeology has created a series of closed fields of study that sometimes can be unproductive, as the confrontation with others scholars, even on completely different subjects, can help to better understand our own work.

For this reason, I have helped to create and organize, as I hope that by helping young scholars to enter in contact with differents archaeological environments, they can improve their research and help to develop the knowledge of others.

 to contact me:

Fb: vale.pellizzaro
Instagram: valepellizzaro

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